CryoPen B Cartridges


Cartridges for CryoPen B.

Treatment and removal of plantar warts, papillomas...

Box of 6 cartridges 23.5 g / cartridge.

Duration 300 seconds / cartridge.

Approximately 10 treatments per cartridge.

€205.00 Taxes not included

CryoPen B cartridges

Box of 6 cartridges with a load of 23.5 g / cartridge (duration of 300 seconds of constant gas flow / cartridge)

Expiration of the cartridges: 4 years with the cartridge remaining in its blister.

Once placed in the instrument, the cartridge can remain open for approximately 4 weeks.


-89ºC in contact with the skin.

-50ºC inside the lesion.

Number of treatments: Approximately 10 per cartridge.

(It will also depend on whether the area to be treated is more or less extensive).

Ref: 12.617.19

For CryoPen B, affordable excellence in cryotherapy. Treatment and removal of plantar warts, papillomas, hemangiomas, fibroids... (Ref.: 12.617.18).